recent news

  1. Three new papers to be presented as highlights at CVPR 2023:

  2. Egocentric Video Task Translation,
    with Zihui Xue, Yale Song, and Kristen Grauman. 

  3. HierVL: Learning Hierarchical Video-Language Embeddings,
    with Kumar Ashutosh, Rohit Girdhar, and Kristen Grauman.

  4. Relational Space-Time Query in Long-Form Videos,
    with Xitong Yang, Fu-Jen Chu, Raghav Goyal, Matt Feiszli, and Du Tran.

  1. Four papers presented at CVPR 2022:

  2. Learning To Recognize Procedural Activities with Distant Supervision,
    with Xudong Lin, Fabio Petroni, Gedas Bertasius, Marcus Rohrbach, and Shih-Fu Chang. 

  3. Deformable Video Transformer,
    with Jue Wang.

  4. Long-Short Temporal Contrastive Learning of Video Transformers,
    with Jue Wang, Gedas Bertasius, and Du Tran.

  5. Ego4D: Around the World in 3,000 Hours of Egocentric Video.
    Project page and dataset available here.

  1. Paper presented at AAAI 2022:

  2. Label Hallucination for Few-Shot Classification,
    with Yiren Jian.

  1. Article published in IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence:

  2. Generalized Few-Shot Video Classification with Video Retrieval and Feature Generation,
    with Yongqin Xian, Bruno Korbar, Matthijs Douze, Bernt Schiele, and Zeynep Akata.

research overview

My research interests are in computer vision and machine learning. My current work is primarily focused on learning representations for image and video understanding.

previous affiliations

  1. Dartmouth, Computer Science

  2. Fulbright U.S. Scholar at Ashesi University in Ghana.

  3. Microsoft Research Cambridge, Machine Learning and Perception

  4. Riya/

  5. New York University, Computer Science

  6. Stanford University, Computer Science

  7. DigitalPersona

  8. IRST

  9. University of Milan, Computer Science

Lorenzo Torresani

Research Director

Facebook AI Research (FAIR), Meta

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